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American to UK shipping service at the best rates! All items are inclusive of shipping and customs tax from the USA. Shop the brands you love with ease and confidence.
📦 SHIPPING: All items are shipped from the USA to the UK so please allow 2-4 weeks for items to arrive. This excludes items which are already in the UK: In Stock Now Collection.

American designers you will love!

Shop now our Rae Dunn collection from Disney, Pixar, Fall, Halloween and Christmas! You will find a range of goodies imported from America for you to enjoy in the UK at exceptional prices!
Also, take a look at the beautiful handmade pieces from Bethany Lowe, and the vast range of gorgeous ceramic items by Johanna Parker.

Seasonal Decor from the States!

Enjoy shopping for your favourite season in these gorgeous collections! From ghosts, spiders webs to candy canes, you will find everything you need to transform your living space. You will find items from HomeGoods, TJ Maxx, At Home, Bethany Lowe, Johanna Parker and so many more!

About my brand

Dreaming of ordering from America without paying a fortune on shipping? Well then look no further! At American Seasonal Home we have some of the most competitive cheapest rates out there. I am a personal shopper in England who will look after your items like they’re my own. We mainly specialise in seasonal home decor and mugs/tumblers but are now open for personalised orders too. I have an extensive range of beautifully picked seasonal home décor from some of the best American stores: Stanley Brand, Owala, Target, December Diamonds, Rae Dunn, Johanna Parker, Bethany Lowe, Bath & Body Works and many more!

All prices are inclusive of USA shipping & customs tax so there's nothing else to pay when you checkout of my website. Most items are a sold at a ‘pre-order’ basis so please note than items can take 2-4 weeks to arrive from the USA. Items which state ‘in stock now’ in their title are already here in the UK and will be shipped to you right away.

I really hope you love shopping with me. Please do join my Facebook page if you would like to ask any questions, see my reviews or request ISOs.

Amy x

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